Solar Photos
2 x 70watt Solar Panels.

The panels are secured with stainless bolts to a 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe frame and hangs from eye bolts at the top on stainless hooks attached to the gable end of the house.

In the frame there are two joints, one on each side that allow for azimuth adjustments as the seasons change

The Power from the panels comes into the 150watt solar charge controller /regulator. It is then stored in a 12 volt deep cycle "trolling" battery.

There are plans to add one more battery in the near future, at which time other modifications will take place for charging in more shaded conditions (i.e. Winter in Michigan).

When the inverter is turned on, I run two 13watt florescent spiral bulbs, one in the kitchen and one in the living room. Other appliances such as a radio/CD player, table top humidifier, laptop computer or a small TV can be used as well (NOT ALL AT ONCE ).

In the event that the battery discharges to the 11vdc level the inverter sends an audible alarm letting you know its time to shut down.

Since I have two outlets in the house wired into the cord at the inverter, I can simply unplug the cord at the inverter and plug in to the outlet below and be back in the main house electrical grid.

This method works well when there are multiple gray days.

Aside from 120vac inverter applications, I use the battery power to light the porch with a bank of 20 super bright LED's. I have mixed bright white and bright yellow to give it a warmer glow. At the moment these lights stay on 24/7 as I have been too lazy to build the light sensing on/off controller.
This was a bathroom light upgrade. Not only did we replace the old bulb we upgraded the light fixture.

In addition we lowered the wattage load by 34 watts total. With the new fixture having a gold plating the florescent bulbs are not so "BRIGHT WHITE".

A different view of the power center. the metal switch box above allows for fast detachment of the solar panels from the other circuits.

The terminal strip in the upper right corner of the picture is used to distribute 12vdc low amperage circuits. such as a 12 volt DC fan for the kitchen, the LED lights on the porch and in the stairway.

Soon I hope to also add a panel of meters to show charge/discharge, amperage/voltage at the push of a button. I will also have the ability to tie in a small wind generator as well as a exercise bike that is hooked to a permanent magnet motor.

more pictures to come !

thanks for looking!

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