Slim Jim Antenna Project Update 3/17/06


OK so here's the first results of the building of the SLIM JIM for 2Meters

I have it down to 1.3:1 SWR average across the band.. its not quite as broad banded as I had hoped but I'm not done yet. This antenna tunes over a WIDE range of Freqencies! I'd say it is capable of 8-10mhz not all with an optimal pattern mind you, but with a good SWR.

I took "said device" out on the porch attached to is 1" pvc pipe, and leaned it against a rafter/joist.
After getting the SWR down to 1.3:1 I decided to see what I could hear and what repeaters I could raise. I started on 5 watts all Kalamazoo repeaters were up with ease.

With 5watts 146.84 MHZ Paw Paw repeater came up fine. I went down to 2.5watts, same thing. So for the heck of it, I dropped the power out down to 200 milliwatts. I was able to bring it up just fine. I was amazed. For reference that's 22 miles, the antenna under my open shingled porch maybe 5ft off the ground, 200mw. Id say the antenna is performing ok.

the next test was the 147.24 in Allegan. This repeater is (thru the wood sided house) from where the antenna was sitting on the porch, and is located about 28-30miles north west of me. I was able to bring it up on 2.5 watts.

I was hearing the 147.16 Link repeater at 92nd street in Grand Rapids with 2 "S" units on the HT, and full quieting. again (thru the house) and about 45 miles north.

This antenna should be a performer. I can only imagine what it will do when I get it in the air.
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