BACK Random Helical Wound H.F. Vertical Antenna      KC8HPS 7/6/2007  

     This antenna was a long time in the dream stages.  I laugh when I say that, simply because I only would dream of it the day before I wanted to use it, and it didn't exist yet!

I would think of packing up the HF equipment and going to a park, the beach, or on a camping trip. The idea of taking along a decent portable HF antenna kept coming to mind.

The idea of using a dipole for 10/17/20/40/80 meters, along with a tuner seemed at best very cumbersome.  Many of the places I go do not have an abundance of trees to tie or attach to. The Dipole concept just wasn't working for me.

I started looking online for HF verticals. I found a few designs! Nothing seemed to fit for me. I didn't want to "walk n' talk", or have an antenna that would fit in a backpack per se.

In the middle of my (DAY) dreaming, I concluded that I wanted to be able to strap the antenna mast to the car racks, put the radio gear in the back seat, and head out.

Off to the Junk Box!

I started scrounging around for wire, parts, etc. I did some slight math (NOT MUCH). Since I am using a tuner on this antenna the length is not critical. but keeping it flexible from an engineering standpoint was.

I wanted an antenna that could be altered for length easily, could be tuned at the base for capacitance in order to get closer to the ball park for the band I wanted to work, even before using the tuner. I think you see where I'm going here.

Needless to say I rounded up a pile of goodies from the treasure chest (junk box) as my partner calls it! hi hi! and got busy working.


Lately I have had the privilege of being in Elmer to a young man KD8FZZ . Rob is a General class Op as of 2 weeks ago, and he is just getting his feet wet in the antenna building area.

This project has been a chance for me to teach some theory, and construction methods. Rob has had the chance to use his digital camera and photograph the project, and get the pictures ready for this page.

Stay posted as I update this story in progress.