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My HF rig  Yeasu FT840 and my MFJ tuner with Artificial ground



I've been a bit slow updating this section, recently I have been putting together a 2 meter digipeater, that will live here at the house. It appears to have about a 40 mile radius. I will try to put pictures here as time permits.

For regular 2m/6m/440mhz, I use a Standard Tribander 5900DA mobile.



 Standard was bought out in the late 1990's and no longer exists of itself.

I have an ICOM V8 HT as my 2meter portable rig. It serves my purposes well.

Last fall I put up a Dipole (of sorts). long story. I will again post pictures as I am able, but needless to say it is still in the testing stage. It is feed with 450ohm ladder line, and has a 4:1 homebrew balun the WH2T variety.  I have found this balun to work quite nicely, is easy to build and is rugged in its durability. I guess you can't ask for much more than that right?

As I get more time I will also put up some Tri County Repeater Group event pictures as well. Here is one just to wet your appetite.


Recently I built a regenerative receiver circuit designed by KC8BRO Shane Feek. This Radio has frequency scaling based on the coil winding. It employees the use of  a FET transistor. The tuning is very selective and the receiver it self is very sensitive. Below are pictures of the radio designed for 2-10mhz shortwave. It covers also 80 and 40 meter ham bands and WWV time stations.  *** NOTE where it says FINE TUNE. I inserted a banana socket for a ground wire until such time as I build the fine tune circuit.


The Schematic is as follows:

Regen Receiver Schematic
Parts List:  


@ 185ft with my

Camera Looking DOWN!




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