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3/31/2006 Recently Curt, Harry, and I have been preparing to make Biodiesel on a larger scale. The link below will show you pictures of the items we will soon assemble into an "Appleseed Processor"

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      Over the last 2 years My Partner and I had looked at VW dealers for a Jetta TDI. In June we found the car we were seeking. Our search had taken us to several states, and across the Internet.

With the advent of Higher fuel prices we knew we were looking for both fuel independence, and fuel efficiency, The Jetta offers us both.

As luck would have it we were driving to the lake shore where we enjoy sunsets over Lake Michigan. As we were going through the town of South Haven we noticed a Jetta on a used  car lot. Low and behold we pulled in and then were pleased to find out that it was indeed a TDI (Turbo Diesel Intercooler).

On of the sales staff there is a friend of ours so we contacted him the next day and the ball was rolling. By the end of the week we had a 2003 Jetta TDI with low miles.

Since that acquiring the car in June we have used homemade biodiesel and biodiesel at the pump as much as possible.

The one thing that became very apparent is that sound that the engine makes while running on a Biodiesel blend. (Maybe I should say the sound it doesn't make).

Either way the car runs great, the engine does run quieter and over all the mileage is the same and the acceleration  seems to be the same as with just dinosaur diesel in the tank. I have yet to set up a full scale home brew operation for making biodiesel.  Small batches have been the rule for now. 

Given that the 1.9ltr diesel by VW is getting about 45-48mpg on average, we don't need more than small batches.

please look in the left column for links to making biodiesel and for knowledge base assistance.