About Me









I grew up in south western Michigan. In High
School I took interest in Amateur Radio (Ham
Radio), along with Electronics and Antenna

I graduated from Marshall high school in 1980
and went on to do my Jewelers training at
Michigan State Technical Institute.

I moved to Alberta Canada for two years and
then back to Michigan.

I was married from 1984 - 1998, have 3 kids
a biological daughter and two adopted sons.

I currently live in the Kalamazoo Michigan area.

As Hobbies I enjoy Ham Radio and other
geek/physics related interests. I have
interests in Alternative Energy such as wind
power, solar PV, an geothermal.

I like a good cup of Coffee or tea, talking
with friends, Crocheting hats and scarf's for
the homeless shelter, and of course lets not forget

amateur website building, the internet and computers.  


    Copyright 2005-2006 Bryan Burrma