Construction Notes

While Constructing the Extended Slim Jim, I learned that it is necessary to give extra support to the  element the folds back from the top. This element is aprox 76 inches long and is sort of free floating.

You can see in the picture on the left that when I zip tied the antenna to a piece of 2" PVC pipe that I used a 1.25-1.5" piece of wood as a support to hold the width some what close to specs.

I'm not sure its real visible in the picture but, I used screw band hose style clamps as a means of attaching the coax feed line. for adjustment purposes it really seems to work nice. I think as I get the quirks ironed out of this antenna that too will likely change. At the very least I will end up using liquid electrical tape to coat the connections.

you will notice that about 1/4 wavelength down the feed line I placed a 1:1 balun it is about 4" in diameter has about 5 turns on it, as that's all I could spare, HI HI. then I took a  split ferrite rectangular core from Radio Shack that was in the junk box, and put around the loop to further keep any RF off of the feed line. I taped the Ferrite Core in place well with electrical tape, and also taped the opposite side of the coil to keep the coax turns closely wound and in order. This seems to work very well, In fact I have used the same piece of Coax for test purposes with both the Slim Jim and the Extended Slim Jim and had good results both times. It goes to show you New guys, it is just not that hard to make your own stuff. You don't need to buy anything fancy, You can make it, beside the "weirdness factor" gets people excited, and it I believe most projects work better that way! SMILE.

Your likely looking at the picture on the right saying what is that mess. Well its the top of the extended Slim Jim antenna Zip Tied to the PVC and, its the remains of my liquid ionic antenna from 2 years back. Ill build a new one this summer in a new way. but the PVC was a good candidate for holding the Extended Slim Jim, besides I can put a rope on the top eye hook and hoist this antenna up in a tree for real life testing.. no tower required.

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  Copyright 3/15/06